Windings (wrappings) play such an important roll in my weaving process. They are one of my favourite design tools.

I find as my weave collection develops I want to create more winding’s to work from. I think adding additional drawings and winding’s as a project progresses is important to keep ideas fresh and developing.

Although there is no substitute for sampling, I find them an effective way of trying out different combinations of colour and texture. They allow me to develop colour palettes and narrow down my choice of yarns for the warp and weft.


Not all of them I do out of necessity more often than not they are simply one offs and a means to extract from an image the colours I find so appealing.



I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since I last updated. My weaving has remained pretty constant over this period, I have been busy developing new ideas and weaving off existing ones. As I discussed in an earlier post my intention was to weave off much larger pieces of fabric from one of my favourite collections.


I have made excellent progress with this and I am now at a point that I can begin work experimenting and prototyping products. what a wonderful feeling it is to see all my months of hard work planning and designing finally be at a usable stage.


I began by making a small collection of cushion covers, I think the scale of my designs and choice of yarn lend themselves better to home furnishing products, although I have not completely ruled out developing a range for fashion in the future.


One thing I think is missing from the designs is a way of identifying that they are mine, perhaps branding them in some way is crucial. I need to do a bit of research into printed tags I can sew onto the products.

Present day

At present my time is split. I am in the process of weaving off larger sample pieces from one of my favourite collections. My plan is to develop ideas for interior and fashion products. Unfortunately with my weaving width restricted to only 20” this process will take a little time, once complete though I am keen to begin selling the finished items.



The remainder of my time is spent researching for my new collection. The inspiration behind the project came from a recent trip to New York  and a visit to the  cities Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once inside I was fascinated by the art from ancient Egypt in particular the heavily patterned wall tiles and murals which I thought would translate well into woven designs.


Now with the colour palette in place my focus is on developing potential peg plans and structure ideas.