Shall we begin

As I fast approach my 30th Birthday it would seem like no better time than the present to banish all my irrational fears of self promotion and set about photographing and cataloging my work. I thought it best to start from the beginning and over the course of the next few entries document my work from my graduation up until present day. In the past exhibiting has been largely restricted to local craft fairs and art events, with the response largely positive I hope to one day turn my very expensive hobby into something I can devote my time too fully. I look forward to keeping you up to date with current projects and future plans.

From the beginning

I studied Textiles at Winchester College of Art, specialising in woven textiles, during this period I experimented extensively with techniques and weaving processes. My inspiration was often varied and I developed my ideas through a combination of research, observational drawings, photographs and windings.  In 2006 I graduated and my final project was made up of a mix of both dobby and jacquard samples. The style of my work was heavily influenced by Anni Albers. I became particularly interested in her use of unorthodox materials and pictorial weaving.


New Designers 2006



Winchester College of Art 2006 – Graduation Show


164final p1_jpg


This was the last of my physical weaving for several years. I worked in men’s fashion for a time before leaving to pursue a more creative outlet. It was then I had the opportunity to purchase my Loom. Since then I have allowed myself time to refine my skills and develop a collection of samples that reflect my present style, combining rich colours and varied patterns.






Crazy chicken lady

Before I continue I need to introduce two very important ladies (chickens) in my life, Dot and Bert, who spend their day’s idly sitting in my garden studio providing me with countless hours of entertainment and an endless source of inspiration.415106_2838912966681_1266208163_o

Although on this occasion I have to concede the design looks more like owls than chickens (I think at the time I got swept up in all the owl craziness)


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