Prototyping and production

Alot of experimenting has taken place in the last few months. The lampshades construction proved suprisingly straight forward once I had collected together the necessary equipment and woven off the fabric, I found some great easy to follow tutorial videos online.

Once I had determined the height and circumference of the shade I wanted to make, I cut out the appropriate sized self adhesive PVC backing material. This then needed to be secured to the fabric the best way to do this is to peel and stick a few inches at a time until the PVC is completely attached. It maybe necessary to smooth out any wrinkles or air pockets.


Cut around the PVC leaving a extra inch of fabric around the edge. To ensure a clean finish the ends need to be folded and taped down, the next job is to add double sided tape along the two remaining edges of the PVC material.


Now the tricky bit, hold the metal lampshade ring in each hand while carefully rolling them simultaneously along the edges of the PVC, taking care to follow the line of double sided sticky tape and to move both rings forward at the same speed.


The final task is to tuck the edge of the fabric over the metal rings and to secure it in place. To tidy up the frayed edges they need to be pushed back under the metal frame.


One consideration I will make with any future lampshade making is to be more careful with my choice of weave structure. The thickness of the fabric definitely impacts greatly on the finish of the shade.





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