Moustache mania

Attraction, repulsion the fascination with men’s facial hair takes on many forms. It was in fact a friends unwavering appreciation that first inspired this design.

Originally intended as a piece of wall art the design process was enormous fun. The moustache is definitely the male accessory of the moment. Researching the various styles and shapes proved enlightening. Pencil, walrus and handlebar these words all had very different meanings before I began this project.


The challenge came when transforming my research into a suitable weavable design, The warp was set up as a simple point draft threaded over all 24 shafts. I used an extra weft technique to create the moustache shape. 

 013 (2)

Along the way I experimented with various scales, spacing and colours, settling on a simple monochrome palette for my first trial


This is only the beginning, there is still more experimenting to be done. I definitely think the spacing needs to be addressed as some of them appear a little bunched up at present. The order of the moustache styles could also be improved. To be continued….




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