Loom and studio

Late last year I took the decision to relocate my loom back into the house, I was worried as winter approached what effect the extended cold months and damp environment would have on the computerised mechanism of the loom. As a result my garden studio is looking a little empty now.

On the plus side this has freed up considerable space and has allowed me the opportunity to re-organise my yarns and ever expanding book and magazine collection, which now fills the remainder of the wall space.



(Can you spot Dot the Chicken in the photo)


My loom (a 24 shaft AVL studio dobby loom) is now safely stored in the spare room come 2nd studio away from the effects of any inclement weather.  The loom itself I bought second hand a couple of  years ago and since then have added a 2nd beam and hundreds of additional heddles, which has allowed more scope in my design work in particular work with double cloth. I use the WeaveMaker software for the majority of my design work and this runs in conjunction with my loom.



Looking to the future I am keen to buy a 2nd loom one which has a greater weaving width as I am restricted at present to only 20  inches.

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