Chevron Chic

In between weaving off the larger sample pieces from my earlier projects I have been working on ideas for a couple of new collections.

I’m not usually the one to follow trends but over the last few years chevron patterns have become increasingly popular. I think for me its appeal comes from the similarity they share with the herringbone and twill patterns which appear extensively in woven fabric.

Its not hard to notice chevron markings in interior design and architecture but for some time now they have been infiltrating fashion, advertising and much more. This simple pattern comprises of a series of inverted Vs and is more commonly known as the zig-zag.

Although the chevron pattern can be traced back as far as 1800 B.C. with is earliest incarnations appearing on pottery and in rock carvings. My own research has been influenced by African tribal markings and ceramics, which heavily utilize these patterns. Most of my photographic research was taken at The Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas exhibition at New York’s MET.


My main focus for this small project has been to experiment with as many structural variations and differing scale options as time would allow, below are just a few examples




I’m looking forward to developing these samples into something exciting in the coming months.

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